The 'BEACH' - and Finding Natural Harmony!

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Beach Magic!

Families always enjoy the beach

Heart Reef - I just love this place


Airlie Beach Australia, Poole & Bournemouth UK, Miami US - beaches attract people, tourists, most particularly, the young, energetic and cosmopolitan! They stay a few days, weeks, months – some never leave. They bring energy and beauty while adding to the relaxed atmosphere. 

Beach Cities promote festival events. Airlie Beach Race Week, draws up to two hundred sailing yachts to gather for a week of racing and parties. November sees the Festival of Music where over seventy bands will be playing music at venues around the town for the whole week. Beach cities are the natural home of 'Offshore Powerboat Events'.

Beach cities attract cruise ships. Sun Princess and Queen Victoria depart Airlie together at dusk. Major cruise lines are making the transition to renewable and biofuels.

Beach LIfe!

A beach is like home to me, it’s a place to relax, it’s a place to walk and it’s a place to contemplate life, observe nature and realise the true values in life. Even better, it’s the place where I look out at the ocean and consider concepts and initiatives and dream of what could be!

In this I have been blessed. I spent much of my childhood summers living in a beach shack and messing about in boats. I lived much of my adult life close to beaches and now I choose to live overlooking Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsunday region of tropical mid-north Queensland, Australia. The region is blessed with a near perfect climate and the most beautiful group of islands and deserted beaches and needless to say, it's a perfect boating paradise.

The Great Barrier Reef

We are within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, perhaps the most valuable marine eco-system in the world. What we are observing here makes us very conscious of just how valuable, sensitive and vulnerable reef systems are in the face of climate change and the naïve abuse of mankind.

One good Tern deserves another, and another and maybe a Booby and a Noddy - a reef island is their home - the reef waters are their supermarket.

Preserving natural wonders like The Great Barrier Reef is an urgent challenge - before we lose it forever! 

The marine industry and our sport - while being part of the problem, can be part of the solution. 

                     Gabby loves Airlie Beach - This much!

Just the once!

The Australian Superboat series visits north Queensland each year and races have been held at Mackay and Townsville. We did have a race here at Airlie Beach in 2007 but the conflict with the sailing fraternity and Airlie's strong environmental culture, was palpable! An anticlimatic race with several boats breaking down and one catching fire, did not endear 'Superboats' to Airlie!

The last few years has seen Superboats race at the pleasant but somewhat impoverished township of Bowen, about 80km north of Airlie. For me the demise of the sport is epitomised by the Bowen event. I will just say, it's a noble effort in defiance of reality!

Reinforcing that view, is an ironic synergy of such defiance in the face of reality. A significant supporter and sponsor of the Bowen Superboat race, is a company seeking approval and finance for the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere, inland from Bowen - and to ship mega-tons through the reef, from a massive bulk coal terminal just north of Bowen. I rest my case!

'Superboats' raced at Airlie in 2007. As 'Official Pace Boat', I lead the street parade and served as start boat and safety boat.

The synergy of true 'Offshore' and 'Biofuel' will prevail!

I am trusting that before long, a truly authentic offshore powerboat will travel this coastline, epitomising harmony with its environment. It may bring a synergy of biofuel and rationale to restoring a truly accessible and aspirational sport - but of more significance, will be its 'Spirit', inspiring understanding, faith and loyalty toward a new era of 'advanced' biofuels.