Offshore Class 2

                        The 1980’s – cats, diesels and sooty water-lines, evolution in action!...
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I guess I have previously spelt out much of the circumstance which, in my opinion, brought about the demise of true offshore powerboat racing internationally. I have analysed the issues and ultimately concluded that – relative to professional motorsports - offshore powerbo...
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A 'Class' Act!

May 15, 2018

Offshore Powerboat Racing - A Class Structure Template

The story so far: This discussion follows a series of articles examining the evolution and issues in offshore powerboat racing and questioning its future. It concluded that the conceptual notion of the sport as a true offshore challenge has eroded as the ‘speed’ element ...
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A Commerciel Value Structure:

A clear picture: The story so far, is the recognition that offshore powerboat racing, globally, has degenerated. This has occurred as individual nations, promotors, clubs and factions created alternatives to the original UIM Class structure template. The disparate consequenc...
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