Professionalism in motorsports


A lost 'Spirit'!

July 26, 2020
            Environmental responsibility - two 5.8lt diesels....
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New Year 2020

January 28, 2020
                                   'Sweet Revenge' - a sweet moment in history!...
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                        The 1980’s – cats, diesels and sooty water-lines, evolution in action!...
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A view from 'Down Under'!

March 31, 2019

It gets worse!

Again, draw your own conclusions! In reference to the previous post and the deep suspicion I have felt, I am now truly sad to say, that information received subsequent to that post, has unfortunately reinforced that view. I really cannot comprehend the degree to which this i...
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                                The Australian 'Supercar' Championship runs on E85...
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Instigating Evolution!

November 29, 2018
Imagine offshore powerboat racing having a public profile strong enough to make the back cover of the UK’s most prestigious national newspaper. AB with Mike Ring under Tower Bridge at the start of the London-Brighton race (1989/90?). Photo: Times Newspapers Ltd...
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I guess I have previously spelt out much of the circumstance which, in my opinion, brought about the demise of true offshore powerboat racing internationally. I have analysed the issues and ultimately concluded that – relative to professional motorsports - offshore powerbo...
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                           Something is about to happen!   (Photo: Reg Blunt)...
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A Commerciel Value Structure:

A clear picture: The story so far, is the recognition that offshore powerboat racing, globally, has degenerated. This has occurred as individual nations, promotors, clubs and factions created alternatives to the original UIM Class structure template. The disparate consequenc...
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