New Year 2020

                                   'Sweet Revenge' - a sweet moment in history!

Back in the Groove!

Belated Happy New Year and apologies for the recent lack of posts. The excuse, as much as anything, is my being somewhat preoccupied during the latter half of 2019.

Consultancy work has included a really interesting propulsion system ‘re-think’ on a classic old hull, being restored and modernised in the UK. At this stage it’s still very much a ‘work in progress’, while some tricky decisions are being made.

Two further engagements have taken time during 2019 – and again, for me, they remain very much, ‘work in progress’!

One being a conflict issue, originally questioned here in the blog during 2018 – and still not addressed, now, in January 2020! It is perhaps the most destructive circumstance I have seen in the sport since the days of both the 1970 and 1977 world championships, where lack of definitive authority, enabled power obsessed individuals - on realising the ‘wrong’ boat was going to win - to instigate very questionable interventions. It cost British teams almost certain World Championship titles on both occasions. Such is the arrogance and lack of authoritative ‘teeth’ in an ‘amateur’ sport!

So much more is now understood in relation to the 2018 circumstance, which now demands that the
respective authorities have the moral integrity and fortitude to make the right decisions! A full report of the facts will be posted here, in due course.

The second challenge in 2019 was an invitation to join a UIM working group, charged with a review of the UIM Marathon Class Rules, which for me, meant specifically, the ‘technical’ rules. I obviously feel there was some rationale here, in that much of the suggestions put forward here in the blog, were registering with some of the more progressive minds within the UIM administration.

I have to say, apart from an odd lack of communications with the other group members, I felt good
progress was being made. However, the final draft, passed at the UIM assembly in China, and now included in the 2020 rule book, was for me, a grave disappointment. And again I have to say it reflects the amateur status of the sport – and again, there will be a full analysis and report posted here on the blog, in due course.

To those who have questioned the lapse in the blog posts, my apologies again – and my sincere thanks for your continued interest and comments on the subjects aired. Stay with me, there’s lots to come!