New Blog News!

As promised when I closed the previous ‘Blog’ last year, I have finally dropped the start flag on my new ‘home made’ website. It may be somewhat controversial for some, but it’s essentially a reflection of my values and views on the two things I feel passionate about - authentic 'offshore' powerboat racing and the transition to biofuels - and the prospect that these may be harmonised, enabling me to actually ‘Do Something’ to influence change!

My thanks to the Kiwis at Rocketspark for creating a web builder system that even I could get my head around. My thanks also to Rochelle, my ‘rock’ and proof reader.

As promised, the website includes this blog, through which I will provide news and further express my views – and endeavour to be constructive! As before I will try to maintain polite dialogue, good humour and political neutrality. I am trusting the ‘Comments’ option will function and stimulate civilised discussion. Needless to say, abuse will be deleted immediately. For any other enquiries please use the contact email.

Please enjoy and feel free to tell me I’m crazy!