Offshore Powerboating Performance - A New Era!

Facing reality - Change creates Opportunity!

Welcome to the Powerboat Engineering website - and finding my COVE.

Having idled into the COVE I invite you to drop anchor, relax and peer into the depths of a passion that embraces the pleasures of offshore powerboat performance - and, the conservation of our natural world and the wildlife it nurtures. The COVE is a place to contemplate how the present revolution in power and fuel technology is not the end of ‘fun’ but the path to putting these things in harmony.

This is the place where I have reflected on a sport I loved - and the climate tragedy steadily unfolding before our eyes. So while I analyse offshore powerboat racing and how it has evolved – I also analyse the environmental situation we face now, and the practical solutions that must also evolve if we are to move forward. The quest to find that harmony between our powerboating passion and our true moral values, starts here and now – stay with me and enjoy the ride!

So step ashore at the QUAY to comprehend the real problem and how real changes can only happen if the true reality can inspire your willingness to engage. 

Visit the BOATHOUSE to appreciate how our industry must change, and how passions for powerboat technology and appreciating wildlife can harmonize on a path toward superior efficiency, power, economy, and ultimately, net zero emissions targets. 

Only by understanding a little of the way our planet functions, will we realise why we need to stop and understand that NATURE can provide all the power we need as we transcend the shameful history of fossil fuels and welcome the enhanced performance and natural balance of truly clean power units and fuels. Our planet is in grave danger right now. And the biggest danger it faces, is in fact ‘human nature’. The simple ‘base’ human desire for gratification ‘now’ – while a global catastrophe is unfolding before our eyes. The time has come to recognise the problem, apply the solutions and live in harmony with the ‘nature’ of planet Earth!

To understand my passion – and ultimately my contempt, for the sport I once loved, I have expressed admiration for what I perceived as the ‘SPIRIT’ of an ‘offshore’ motorsport. Sadly, for me, the spirit died as the sport evolved. I acknowledge that my view, is from a professional motorsport perspective – which may not coincide with the views of others.      

In this ‘world gone crazy’, take time out to stroll down to the BEACH, there you can truly relax, reflect and acknowledge your life’s true values. Feel the beauty of sun sand and sea, observe nature, recharge your spirit, contemplate, meditate, breath sea air….ultimately aspire to being the person your deepest conscience believes you are. Then embrace the prospects of progress in harmony with nature.

The BLOG will guide you forward and explain so much. The world can change, and you can feel honoured to be a factor in the change. Stay with the belief, it’s happening right now! 


Facing Realities!

The focus of this website is a passion for offshore powerboat performance - it acknowledges the history and spirit of a once noble sport and considers the sad decline as the focus drifted from the original ‘ocean challenge’ concept, toward a ‘speed at all cost’ culture. It considers the issues of an amateur sport revelling in solipsistic gratification – in an era where professional motorsports thrive by embracing community and corporate environmental expectations and values. Ultimately, the opportunity to reconsider what offshore powerboating, and a sincere love for the ocean environment, means to you is presented. Here you are invited to share the new era values and promising performance of the transition to net-zero marine power and fuel technology.

Science, Technology & Lifestyle!

The realities of climate change are acknowledged, while illustrating that you, our industry and the spirit of a beautiful sport, can indeed, ‘Do Something’! 

Change means opportunities, as a new era of powerboat technology is set against the backdrop imagery of beautiful tropical islands - while a compelling ocean-lifestyle demonstrates irrefutable evidence of performance, value and responsibility. 

A true breath of fresh air capable of reviving a spirit, industry and lifestyle.

Modern V6 petrol/gasoline marine engine, smaller capacity, variable valve timing, direct injection, catalyst exhausts - Biofuel!

Sport, Values, Lifestyle! Opportunity abounds!

The website presents a reflection of knowledge, engineering and unparalleled experience across the industry, the sport, the natural world, and the lifestyle – fueled by decades of undiminished passion.

ABPE unashamedly seeks engagement where these values can harmonise and leverage the evolution of ‘practical’ clean marine power and fuels. Ultimately placing the technology in the promotional and PR space. Immense opportunity exists as quality concepts and valuable outcomes wait to be launched. The scope is as wide as the imagination!  

For Information: This website uses just six pages, plus the blog, with no sub-menus. Subjects are generally shown at each page heading, just scroll down to find subject. New subjects added will appear in the heading.

The unfortunate demise of QRFA, prompted the quest for a greater understanding of the issues and new initiatives to evolve. Watch this space!